our path

Our journey began in fine art; traditionally trained and with an emphasis in sculpture. Our founder, Ryan Goff, received a Graduate Degree in 2001. From here, his path led him to a 5 year, traditional apprenticeship in fine woodworking. In 2007, his exploration as a maker, took him, yet again, into another environment, for which he took a position as the master woodworker for a large pipe organ company, also overseeing a secondary custom woodworking business. In 2013, and with a diverse understanding of woodworking, he set up his own shop and went to work as Coydog Studios.

Coydog Studios has grown into a multi-faceted, custom, fine woodwork shop, through the diverse path of Ryan Goff’s education as a maker.

Today, we work largely with interior designers and contractors, over a large region of territory. We also work with many individual home owners and businesses, locally and regionally. Our client base has grown because we stand behind what we build; quality, fine woodwork. Our clients trust us, as well as the craftsmanship we provide.

Our services include:

  • fine, custom built cabinetry and built-ins

  • custom built furniture

  • custom architectural woodwork

  • sculptural furniture

  • sculptural furnishings

  • antique restoration and repair

  • modifications to existing woodwork

Consultations are always free, whether through the office or onsite visits! We want to assist you with your woodworking needs!