Coydog Studios scope of work remains as diverse as our founder Ryan Goff.

Ryan’s path started with fine art, obtaining a Master's Degree in Sculpture, studying the aesthetic of form.  He then turned towards a 5 year apprenticeship in Fine Woodworking, where he began to make functional pieces for the first time.  This led him to operating a wood shop for a large pipe organ company, working in large cathedrals around the country.  This deepened his knowledge for creating beauty, while maintaining function.  It was from here, that he set forth on a new path, Coydog Studios.

Coydog Studios has grown into a multi-faceted, fine woodwork shop...

Today, we maintain relations with a wide range of interior designers, contractors, and home owners, producing high-end, heirloom quality, fine woodwork.  We work closely with our clients in crafting their visions into reality, from furniture to fine cabinetry to architectural woodwork and more.

Ryan Goff continues to utilize his sculpture degree in creating sculptural furniture and furnishings.  Our furniture line is a result of the fusion between sculpture and fine woodworking, producing a one of a kind aesthetic, exploring the boundaries between form & function.