Ryan Goff

Coydog Studios produces high-end, heirloom quality, fine woodworking. Our scope of work remains as diverse as our founder, Ryan Goff’s educational background as a maker. Our furniture line is a result of the fusion between sculpture and fine woodworking, producing a one of a kind aesthetic.

Coydog Studios also maintains relations with a wide range of interior designers and contractors, covering a large geographical region. We work closely with our clients in crafting their visions into reality, from fine cabinetry to architectural projects to custom furniture.

Our approach is simple; blending the beauty of form with the value of function, culminating in quality work which lasts a lifetime.




Featured, Donec Nec Justo, 2015
Winner, Fusce Odio Velit, 2014
Winner, Non Nisl at Mauris, 2014


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