Coydog Studios - "Blending Form and Function"

As a child, I found myself wanting to work with my hands to create things, although I had no idea what I was to make.  It was through this that I discovered art and my path to creative expression.
My undergraduate studies led me to a traditional approach to studying all forms of studio art.  I received a B.F.A. from the Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1998.
I decided to walk further into my education which took me to the Graduate Fine Arts program at the University of Kentucky. In 2001, I received an M.F.A with a focus in sculpture and it was time to walk into a new direction.
In the mountains of Boone, North Carolina, I spent the next 5 years apprenticing under a master woodworker.  It was here that I first began to blend sculptural forms, from my fine art background, with functional pieces that I was learning to make while in the woodworking apprenticeship.
Today, this has remained my fuel and passion in working with my hands and the creative realm.  My path has  managed to keep me close to “doing things by hand” in the increasingly, automated, methods of the modern world.  This is also my motivation in using sustainable resources as well as the vast resources of reclaimed and recycled materials.

Coydog Studios is about sharing the creative expression and giving thought to the aesthetic world we live in, one project or piece at a time.